Monday, July 9, 2012

Fashionista of the month

Today's fashionista of the month is Alba with her blog petit and sweet couture. I think she has a great style and very different looks. Her outfits are never boring and the combinations she makes are just great.
Just click on an image to go directly to her amazing blog!
 ankle boots, pantyhose, dress, short, minidress
 red, top, skirt, pantyhose
 high, heels, heeled, pumps, shoes,
 leather, pants, trousers, jacket, red, black
 pantyhose, stockings, skirt, short, miniskirt, pink, leather, jacket
 miniskirt, mini, skirt, stockings, leather, jacket, ankle boots
 leather, skirt, miniskirt, mini, short, pantyhose, ankle boots,
 leather, pants, trousers, knitted, sweater
 leather, skirt, miniskirt, mini, short, pantyhose, pumps, shoes, pink, blazer
 minidress, mini, dress, tight, high, heels, heeled, shoes, pumps, short
leather, pants, trousers, red, sweater, ankle boots, legging
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