Monday, May 4, 2015

South Africa part IV

The last part of the trip I went to the Drakensberg. I did some hiking in the mountains and went to rock painting sites where you can see art from the bushmen that is thousants years old.
Lesotho is on the other site of the mountains, so I did a 4x4 trail to that beautiful country. It is a very long drive, but we had a very good guide. He told interesting stories about the Sani pass. That is the name of the road to Lesotho.
Life in Lesotho is very different than what we are used to. No trees are growing there, because it is above the treeline. We met a mother with her grandchild that invited us to her house. It is a small roundavel that is owned by her. Her man left her, but in Lesotho is the law that the house belongs to the wife.

I stayed at the Sanilodge right next to the Sanipass road. They have all sorts of accomodation and activities. They care about the local people and nature. It was a very pleasant and good stay. Love to go back there!

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