Friday, July 27, 2018

Animal welfare campaign

You have all seen the video with the french people stepping out of their car in an enclosure with cheetah's. The opinion of Stichting Spots is that this happend because there are so many pictures on social media with people cuddle a wild animal cub (cheetah, lion). Many people will think they are sweet and cute and not dangerous. There are several projects in Africa where you can cuddle a small lion cub. Offcourse you have to pay for it. Little is known about what happens with the cubs once fully grown. You can't hug them anymore, because that is to dangerous. Most of the time they end up at the canned hunting industrie. If you want to know what that is, try a google search. But I warn you, the images and movie's you will see are disgusting.

So, to point out the importance for a traveler to travel animal friendly, Spots, together with Safari park Beekse Bergen, did a campaign involving 5 beautiful models in catsuits.
The idea is that it's OK to hug them, but NOT OK to hug lion cubs.

Models are from

For more info about canned hunting, SPOTS and some animal protection project we support, feel free to visit them via the following links:

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